Monday, 9 January 2012

Glad You're Back Home, Adik.

i'm not blind.
i'm not insane.
i'm not under any illusions.
BUT i struggles to be the best.
as i always do.

this story is about my family and I who doesn't really care about friendship in our family.

please, i'm not a toy that people can play with. imma human that live inside this crappy world.
understand me, i don't live for u, it stands for my family.
and i have to admit that everything i love was remaining untrue.
i don't love myself.
i don't love my life.
i don't love my heart.
BUT, all i have is faith to stand still on this earth, that would be a damn hard thang.
bah, stop complaining of what your only daughter do.
ma, stop scolding of what i didn't do.
enal, stop looking for me if i just go for a life, at least its all from me.
ayen, stop talking nonsense about my whole life. its not a sham. i didn't do those.
amer, stop stalking my bbm's and my thangg. you're almost be my nemesis.
finally, eya, stop blinking your eyes to say that you like my suffer life.

i love my family but why, its only lies for only 1 second and the time is just blown awayy.
Bah, the only thing that you say when you see i'm back is really painful for me.
"Adik, glad u're back home"
no hugs, no shaking hands.

p/s: no word for me if i didn't say junkers thing. at last, i was burnt into your modesty. swag.

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