Saturday, 23 March 2013

We Were No Longer Kids

as I was stuttering this time, i was thinking.
Lately these kinda feeling got me into my small heart. Was I dreaming like a kid?
Was I still playing like a kid? Sometimes yessss, i admit that I am too busy for classy things and trust me, i'm still in love with my children's life. Being a kid makes me believe that nothing stays forever as the same human being. Yes, thinking of being matured was my night dreams. It is unavoidable. Truly shit-bull with this things but trust me, I'm not ready to touch my 20s life. I don't believe that every each day had taught of every memories when I was a kid. When I started living my own life without anyone else beside me, all over me was kinda lying to me. They said that maturiosity is well-breaded in someone's life. Yikes.
I won't trust those statements. That was a FRAUD. I strongly believe that life concern each lives that every heartbeats live in. Every aspects that they took off, it must be maturiosity. WHY?
That questioned my mind in such a longgggggggggggggg time. That took me thinking about getting married soon and having KIDS???!!!!! ( God, seriously I'm not ready for those things. Changing diapers is not in my expertise! Hate being messed up alot! How to solve this problems? )
My Baba once saying that being a real woman would takes a few maturiosity things inside me. (WHAT??!!?)
Yea, say what'chu want but I'm totally not affiliated with me dad's. What's with him? I'm trying to forgot my mature side and being a kids for just once and he's just messing with my mind. :/ That sucks me up.
even if i had PIZZA, i won't share it with anyone in my house cause they would've stop their mouth saying about my maturiosity!

ways to eat PIZZA.

                                                               ways to cherish PIZZA.

I am done talking about it by the way. ( Laughing in such a waste )
Err, in addition, what's your problemmo? <------ ( So Latino! Poofy Lopez? )
My brother, errr MY baby brother did said once that he's liked by most girls in his college which he sees getting rampant each days he's been through. (How sad izzit?)
My body is getting a huge temperature fever cus of laughing with my baby brother. Why it must be this JOKE? Trust me if my square-faced brother liked by any girls in your class, get me an axe, gonna cut my neck and give chickens a bitter dinner. (My little bro's getting stupid day by day isn't it?)

                                                                   My lil bro's intention?

So.... This is it, my newest entry that pops out everytime my poo is on its way :)

Be You. Be Good. Be Safe. Remember That Every Single Path That You Took, God Has Plans To It.

With Lovable,

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