Friday, 30 November 2012

Melbourne With Love ♥

from mind to the hand,
writing has dropped into my life. since today I think. Haha.
most of all, my mind weren't at the physical place so..
we'll just straight to the point.
Since I arrived Australia, my mind couldn't be any soothe.
know why? because I think my several issues have been deleted.
(this kid is mentally breakdown because of university entrance)
I'm not gonna think about it, because it will makes me down.
definitely, I wasn't meant to be there. Maybe God wants to show me somethin'.
if I can die now, I would. I want it.
because Melbourne almost kill me with alot of food.
(not mentioning preppy crisp! yum yum!)
and yesterday, I bought a freezer magnet which costs AUD 5.
sweet like it could tho. but reminds me of how I will survive with magnet.
(what the heck can a boast little kid buy with AUD 5? freezer magnet?)
ouhh. That was a cheek. I really want to give it to my besties!
thought of buying Gladiator's shoes but the intention were unable to proceed because of..
and then my dadzie says, " Let's gather at any bank, because my daughter wants freezer magnet".
at concious mind, my calculations aren't correct so I went shopping again.
(to avoid my dadzie's whining yet it was soothing like London tho)
so.. I brought this to the flea market at Victoria Rd. HAHAHAHAHA.

laugh all you want but this is me.
I give all my money for souvenirs. hahaha.
I really think that dissappointment from university entrance made me.
to Bristol University, thank you.
you made me buying unconciously a freezer magnet (?) and I'm proud.
and my little brother called me Puth Typhoon (?). HAHAHAHAHA.
but at last I spend my money so well and I buy a pair of creepers.

stunning isn't it?
I think SO. hehe.
so Thank You to Melbourne, you light up my life!
Gonna back tomorrow and I will be back!
♥ Melbourne Forever Yo!

Suspicious kid,

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