Friday, 25 May 2012

Running Woman?

hey peepsie :) how are ya'?
as for today, its not really a LESSON.
AND FOR ME, its just make me more strong to be a woman.
what would be the factor and what's the contributing factor?

this woman had brought me down to EARTH.

spesifically, this unbelievable woman have her very good strength to defeat others.
she spoiled others plan while they was trying to bring her down.

she tried so hard to win the reality tv show RunningMan.
she prove it to other member of her, they're all man and they collapsed to her plan.
be like Song Ji-Hyo, haha.
but who knows? maybe we can beat the most dangerous thing in this world.
or striving for the success or goals that we want in our life.
Nothing impossible.
Make it spin, girl. LOL


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