Saturday, 28 January 2012

                                Reality Show on Blog And Twitter


when I started to wrote this kinda article, i was pissed. ( of what you mudhead? )
whether you realised or you're still in fantasy, people take over your place with damn easy way.

and I say " nothin will makes you satisfied, girl, fixed yourself . . please? "

dont be a judging one, be a calming one.
thus, be an understanding one, trust me. you'll not goin to regret it, hun.
dont munch people on blog please? that is your site, and you should use it appropriately.
you know this is not a time for blogging but on this curious matter. .
i pushed myself to blogged about Blogger and Twitter side effect.

not really a side effect but a WARNING cus u'll know who do it better and who don'ts.

besides, just take a look on each side of you.
"are'nt they cute or something?"
OR u'll say, " am I a maniac stalker?"

take a look in a mirror and say.

and I suggest to ur parents to sent u to mental hospital. hahaha. a trick peeps !

p/s: false identity is one of the most facts that u should know. they are FAKE. and just sent their number to hell cus they just messed up ur whole life.
rock one direction, swag. #muchlove

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