Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Everything Is Not Allright

yeah, as I've been told you. everything is not allright.
as usual... my new post is all about friendship with a broad from nowhere ( ??? )
her name is Q.
lately, our friendship is like a thunder crushing the stone.
how'd I suppose to tell everyone that our friendship really needs a tough ways.
long time ago, we're just like 'isi dan kuku' << ( really what she mean? hahaha )

                          haaa. almost like this pic. hehehe

rather than that, i learn to forget her wickedness than i learn the truth about her. she was undeniably wrong. and she was trying to pinch her friends into it. she tried so hard once. but she never did it twice. knew it though? did ya' have a silly friend like that? but i really like her sense of style. hehe

p/s :  everybody did wrong once, but shall we repeat it twice. just take a sec and think, bloggers. :)

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